One thing that makes me always smile is seeing honey bees hard at work in my garden. They buzz happily from flower to flower pollinating our cucumbers, melons, and tomatoes. This year the little pale purple flowers of my much neglected oregano seem to be a favorite of our bees.

Bees are not only important to our garden but also to our small wooden toy business.  Each toy we make has a bit of homemade wood polish applied to it before it is finished.  One of the ingredients for our polish is beeswax.  Beeswax is a wonderful natural and safe alternative to silicone and polyurethanes.  Beeswax not only gives  toys a water resistant finish but also moisturizes the wood at the same time.

We are incredibly lucky to have a wonderful local source for our beeswax, HooIsYurBee Honey Farms of Greenwood, Indiana.  They are one of the main staples at our local farmers market. The highlight of Stella and Elliot’s Saturday morning trip to the market is buying their very own honey sticks from the “honey lady”. We probably spend more time picking out the perfect flavors of honey sticks than we do picking our produce for the week.

HooIsYurBee has a wide variety of quality bee products from raw cappings to beeswax lip balm to chunk honey, of course.

I just wanted to take the time to thank all the honey bees for their hard work!  Without you our garden wouldn’t be as plentiful and our toys wouldn’t have their wonderful natural finish. Thanks!

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    yum! we have a few hives…this is our second year!

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    sounds like a fabulous weekend ritual – visiting the farmer’s market. bees are amazing, even magical. i keep thinking about the wonder of having the cells of the honeycomb (millions upon milliions of them) exactly identical. i know it’s due to the movement of the bees’ legs… but the mathematics in it is amazing.

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    [...] So I decided to give making beeswax lip balm a try.  The ingredients I used are common, chances are you probably have all or a majority of them in your home already.  If you don’t have beeswax on hand try your local farmers market- I bet they have a great local beekeeper like ours! [...]

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