Simply Paper

Sometimes the most simple (and easily overlooked) everyday items can bring so much joy.  Take the humble piece of paper.  We write on it, color it, and even sometimes paint it- though that depends on how much time we have to clean up the inevitable mess.  In each of those activities paper is passive- it just lays there.

However if you pick that paper up and give it a few folds a simple piece of paper takes on a whole new vocation in life- flight.  Yes, I’m talking about the paper airplane.

Paper airplanes can be as simple or complexed as you want.  Heck, if you aren’t up to folding just crumble up a sheet and make a paper UFO!  If you want to try folding a some tried and true fliers these paper airplane PDFs are a great start.

The best part about paper airplanes is the magic they create for a child.  They can create something that flies with just a piece of paper!

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