Mother’s Day

Around here the general rule of thumb is that you can plant the tender seedling like tomatoes out in the garden Mother’s day weekend. This weekend didn’t disappoint, we spent a good part of the time getting our hands dirty in the garden and spreading lots of mulch.

My seedlings made their big journey to their summer home in the raised beds.  I have lovingly coddled them indoors for 6 weeks now but they are ready to spread their leaves and grow.

The oregano is already being unruly.  I think it has benefited the most from our super saturated spring.

My sweet little ones also picked out the perfect flowers for me.  I hung the basket near the garlic patch and even got to try out the glass toadstool aqua globe waterer that Stella gave to me last year. She was so pleased with the gifts she gave both old and new.  I’m sure my beautiful plant will be pleased in a few weeks when I forget to water it!

Don’t worry not all of Mother’s day weekend was spent “working”.  We also enjoyed a lovely brunch with my family and them a “Mom’s Only” shopping trip for my mom and I.  That was such a treat, getting to shop without playing hide and seek in thhe clothing racks of the store!

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