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Garlic Time

Remember this from earlier this summer? Well now with the first frost approaching it’s time to plant garlic for next year. I’m actually running a bit late this year.  Typically I would have planted my garlic a week or so ago but with all that is going on around here lately - homeschool, book writing and the kick off [...]
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It’s hard to believe that the first frost of the season is here.  I won’t lie and pretend I’m too horribly sad.  I love the cooler weather that requires a sweater and a warm cup of cider in my favorite mug.  There is something satisfying also about seeing my frosty breath on early mornings while [...]
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here and there…

It seems as the less summer days there are the more there is to do around the house.  This weekend was full of busy for everyone. This is what happens when you go away for a few days, the tomato fairy visits your garden and leaves bushels of colorful gifts. So many tomatoes from tiny [...]
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Catching up

In just two and a half short days we managed to visit many of good friends and lots family (and I’m sorry to those we didn’t get to see, next time for sure)!  In that short amount of time so much piled up around the house between the garden and toys so I’m a bit [...]
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One thing that makes me always smile is seeing honey bees hard at work in my garden. They buzz happily from flower to flower pollinating our cucumbers, melons, and tomatoes. This year the little pale purple flowers of my much neglected oregano seem to be a favorite of our bees. Bees are not only important [...]
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The garden is getting close to its peak right now with basket fulls of green beans, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, peppers, basil, carrots and other goodies each day. I think we have officially hit zucchini overload at this point! Stella has been waiting patiently for one particular day this summer, pickling day. I promised her that [...]
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From the garden, tomatoes

This weekend we were treated to the first full sized tomatoes,  heirloom costluto genevese, from the garden.  There truly are not too many things in this world better than a homegrown tomato. The costluto genevese is one of my very favorite tomatoes.  I love the irregular lobes and the rich tomato flavor. I decided to [...]
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Cabbage, cabbage everywhere

Last week we harvested the last of our cabbage plants.  So I was left with a definite overabundance of cabbage.  I absolutely adore cabbage, my husband and kids, not so much.  I made curried cabbage and braised cabbage.  It was all delicious but I still had more cabbage!  So it was time for the go [...]
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Nine months in the making

Nine months ago, a few weeks before our first autumn frost, I planted something in my herb garden.   That something was garlic.  You have to plan ahead for garlic here.  Garlic easily forgotten about because normally the last of the garden bounty is arriving and a majority of the garden is being made ready for [...]
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Look what we found!

Look who we found hanging out in the garden… Mr. (or Mrs.) Giant slug!  There he is all squished up. Now here he is all stretched out! Mr. Slug was and thick as my thumb and when he was all stretched out the was longer than my middle finger!  Wow!  I bet he could eat [...]
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