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Apple Basket Game

One of my favorite times of the year is upon us- apple season!  I love spending a cool crisp afternoon at the local orchard picking apples with the family.  The kids love comparing the different sizes and colors of all the different types of apples. We have not made it to the orchard yet, though [...]
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It seems like on a daily basis I am struck by the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and creativity in children’s play.  Their ability to use simple items and create elaborate play is amazing to watch in action. All summer my children have been asking to go camping.  I suspect that they are really in love with the [...]
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Fruit Fest!

For our family one of the best parts of the summer is the fresh delicious delicious fresh fruit found at the farmers market.  My kids simply can’t get enough of it, they regularly consume half of a watermelon or musk melon in one sitting or even a pound of blueberries.  I’m pretty such my youngest [...]
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Work in Progress Wednesday- A little project

This week the work in progress isn’t my project but rather  my five year old daughter’s.  After seeing me work on my embroidery project last week Stella talked about nothing else other than getting her own hoop and learning to embroider. Over the weekend I made up her own special little girl embroidery kit consisting [...]
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Medieval weekend

We are so blessed that our local library has fabulous summer programing.  This year the theme for summer reading is the medieval time period. The weekly enrichment classes have included topics such as moats, catapults, tapestries, and medieval tournaments.  Who ever would have thought the library would be this exciting! This weekend was the Mid [...]
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Look what we found!

Look who we found hanging out in the garden… Mr. (or Mrs.) Giant slug!  There he is all squished up. Now here he is all stretched out! Mr. Slug was and thick as my thumb and when he was all stretched out the was longer than my middle finger!  Wow!  I bet he could eat [...]
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Butterfly, butterfly…

There is something truly magical about butterflies, particularly for children.  They are colorful; they dance around in the sky- all the things magic is made of. This year for Stella’s 5th birthday she wanted a “butterfly garden” more than anything. A butterfly garden is one of those kits where you send away for caterpillars and [...]
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