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Long weekend fun

One of the perks of being a wooden toy maker is that when you are in need of a fire there is always plenty of wood scraps around to fuel it.  We try to reuse our scraps as often as possible but there are scraps that just are not usable because of their shape or [...]
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Dutch Apple Pie

With apple season come apple pie, that just a given around here.  Apple pie also just happens to be one of my father’s favorite desserts.  So in honor of his birthday I baked him a Dutch apple pie with the wonderful local apples I bought at the farmers market. Dutch Apple Pie 1 (9 inch) [...]
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Sugar Cookie Pie

It’s no secret that I love old recipes and old cookbooks.  I particularly have a fondness for Amish recipes because for the most part they use simple ingredients, traditional preparation techniques, and above all else are delicious.  My wonderful husband won a set of three “The Best of the Amish Cook” cookbooks for me and [...]
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Fruit Fest!

For our family one of the best parts of the summer is the fresh delicious delicious fresh fruit found at the farmers market.  My kids simply can’t get enough of it, they regularly consume half of a watermelon or musk melon in one sitting or even a pound of blueberries.  I’m pretty such my youngest [...]
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Comfort food favorite

It has been so darn hot here in Indiana these last few days. These are the type of days I just don’t want to stand by the stove or even turn the oven on. Sloppy Joe’s are a comfort food favorite around here. They are easy and quick to make from scratch and won’t heat [...]
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The garden is getting close to its peak right now with basket fulls of green beans, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, peppers, basil, carrots and other goodies each day. I think we have officially hit zucchini overload at this point! Stella has been waiting patiently for one particular day this summer, pickling day. I promised her that [...]
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From the garden, tomatoes

This weekend we were treated to the first full sized tomatoes,  heirloom costluto genevese, from the garden.  There truly are not too many things in this world better than a homegrown tomato. The costluto genevese is one of my very favorite tomatoes.  I love the irregular lobes and the rich tomato flavor. I decided to [...]
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Our favorite bread

One of our favorite staples here is crusty bread.  The problem is that you have to go to the store every other day or so to keep fresh bread on hand and I detest going to the grocery.  So to solve that problem I decided to make our own crusty bread. This is our basic, [...]
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From the garden…

As summer arrives (Happy Summer Solstice!) here in Indiana all the beautiful red sails and butter crisp lettuce in the garden is getting ready to bolt, so this week we ate lots of salads in hopes of keeping any lettuce from going to waste. I always think its a shame that lettuce season is over [...]
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I’m super duper excited to announce that Imagination Kids Toys was featured on on Ohdeeoh yesterday!  What an honor! You can check out our feature here and then browse around at Apartment Therapy, their awesome home design blog.
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