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Fabric Acorn Tutorial

One of my favorite little bits of autumn are acorns. I love acorns in all sorts of fashions, from these sweet felted acorns from Sewn Natural to this lovely acorn necklace (which is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry) from Bulls Eye Beads The kids and I enjoy collecting acorn tops during our nature [...]
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Fruit Fest!

For our family one of the best parts of the summer is the fresh delicious delicious fresh fruit found at the farmers market.  My kids simply can’t get enough of it, they regularly consume half of a watermelon or musk melon in one sitting or even a pound of blueberries.  I’m pretty such my youngest [...]
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Beeswax lipbalm

I’m always amazed at all the different uses for beeswax- crayons, wood polish, modeling wax and the list could go on and on.  I noticed that beeswax is an ingredient in many of the commercially available lip balms on the market. So I decided to give making beeswax lip balm a try.  The ingredients I [...]
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Party Poms Tutorial

My newest favorite party decoration are tissue paper poms.   I first saw them on Etsy and was able to track down instructions on how to make them on Martha Stewart.  Since then I’ve made a bunch for different parties and they’ve been a huge hit!  So much so that the four I made for Stella’s [...]
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